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Thank you for visiting! After over 30 years in the educational publishing industry, my modus operandi has changed! In that time, I have witnessed major changes in how information is exchanged. With the entrance of the Internet and E-Books,  the 21st Century for publishers had truly arrived. It was time to adapt, or retire. I have decided to adapt.


In some ways, publishing hasn't changed that much. It is primarily in how that information is now delivered that has changed. However, an incredibly advantageous change is that the major publishers are no longer in total control; the Internet now gives anyone and everyone the opportunity to be seen and heard. And, with another great twist, you and I can be seen and heard, and read, in every corner of this planet.


On this website, I am, of course, promoting books and other materials that I have developed and written, but I intend to do something even better. I know that many people have the desire to reach this world with their works, but may not know the process as to how this can be accomplished. It is my desire and goal to make my experience and expertise available to those who want to self-publish and promote their own works. Stay tuned! There are great things on the way!

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WebTown Marketing

Do you need a website? Maybe you have one that is starting to look like the 90's are calling and want their website back. Or, maybe you need help optimizing your site so that people can find it and you can start to sell your product to your worldwide market. Speaking of your market, do you need a better shopping cart, one that actually works and can upsell your products? How about graphics? How about social media? WebTown Marketing is here to help!


WebTown Marketing is a small business catering to small businesses. We understand what it is to have to wear countless hats. Let us take one or two of those hats off of your hands. Outsource your website and Internet marketing needs to us! We will work with you closely to tailor your website, your mobile site and your online presence to your needs and your brand. WebTown Marketing wants to be your partner!

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What Is AuthorTrack?

There are a couple of big differences between 20th Century publishing and that of the 21st Century.


First, the software and technology is such that any person with a computer and some basic creative suites can write, edit, format and lay out documents and publications with the same professionalism that the big publishing houses have. With some basic training, you can be the publisher! You can gather the graphics with a fraction of the cost, incorporate them into your publications, and publish them digitally the instant they are ready to go! We can show you how!


Next, if you desire to create physical product, such as magazines, brochures and full-length books, once you have a digital product, there are many on-demand printers that can take your upload and have your books sitting on your doorstep in just a few days. Now that is cool! You no longer have to order 1000 copies to get a decent price. You can order 1 or 1000, and get them shipped to you or your fulfillment house in a flash. There are services that can integrate with your website's storefront, immediately shipping the order without you touching the order.


Next, what is really cool about this new way of doing things is that you no longer have to go through the tedious process of submitting manuscripts to publisher after publisher, waiting months and years to get any traction at all. You can self-publish and make your book available to the world with some basic knowledge of online marketing. We can show you how to use the Internet and social media to reach anyone in the world with the same interests as what you write about in your book or magazine. You can be the author, publisher and marketer, simply with the knowledge that we can help you learn through our program known as AuthorTrack. To learn more, please contact Fred MacKrell at AuthorTrack.


AuthorTrack, simply put, is a system that anyone can implement with some simple skills that we can help you learn. From start to finish, you can be the master of your own fate! No longer do you have to wait on aloof publishing houses to get published. You can do it yourself! The world is waiting!

Find out more about AuthorTrack!

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